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  • Complete redesign of the Website
    We are in the process of completely changing the appearance of the Website, new design, new look, rapidity, quality, clarity, simplicity and efficiency is our ambition. A date will be set and all services will be suspended during the update.
  • New automatic Installers are coming
    Rikoooo is currently upgrading all the automatic installers, a new generation of high-performance and well thought auto-installers planned for duration are being created. These installers will soon come with all add-ons.

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Boeing iFly 747-400 V1.1.0.0 FSX & P3D Boeing iFly 747-400 V1.1.0.0 FSX & P3D Boeing iFly 747-400 V1.1.0.0 FSX & P3D Boeing iFly 747-400 V1.1.0.0 FSX & P3D
13/11/2013 : Now support P3D, modification of 2D panel and adding new realistic sounds for B747-400.This is the long awaited Boeing 747-400 for FSX and P3D in hardcore simulation. Extremely detailed cockpit fully simulated FMC. TCAS with full audio-visual TA and RA system. Inertial Reference System. 90% of 3D fully operational buttons in VC mode. 3

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DOWNLOAD - Fleet Egyptair Ultime pack v1.2 for FSX & P3D

DOWNLOAD - Fleet Emirates v3.0 for FSX & P3D