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  • Complete redesign of the Website
    We are in the process of completely changing the appearance of the Website, new design, new look, rapidity, quality, clarity, simplicity and efficiency is our ambition. A date will be set and all services will be suspended during the update.
  • New automatic Installers are coming
    Rikoooo is currently upgrading all the automatic installers, a new generation of high-performance and well thought auto-installers planned for duration are being created. These installers will soon come with all add-ons.

A random file

Lockheed Constellation (Alphasim) FS2004 Lockheed Constellation (Alphasim) FS2004 Lockheed Constellation (Alphasim) FS2004 Lockheed Constellation (Alphasim) FS2004
Ce package comprend 6 variantes du Constellation (EC-121K, EC-121R, L-049 BOAC, L-1049C, L-1049G TWA, RC-121D). Il s'agit d'un ancien payware devenu freeware. Le modèle extérieur est bien réalisé, inclus un cockpit virtuel et des sons personnalisés. Le tableau de bord est très simplifié. C'est un jeu d'enfant au pilotage, ne vous attendez pas à voir ici un panel très réaliste ! Cependant

New ! Death Valley Photoreal FSX SP2

Photoreal scenery of the Death Valley California USA for FSX SP2 created at a resolution of 2m/pixel (some interesting areas has been made at 1m/pixel, like Trona), with autogen and enhanced nightlights

DOWNLOAD - Fleet Egyptair Ultime pack v1.2 for FSX & P3D

DOWNLOAD - Fleet Emirates v3.0 for FSX & P3D