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MD-88 Delta Twin Pack FSX & P3D


Beautiful realization of McDonnell Douglas MD-88 in the colors of Delta Air Lines. Complete package with virtual cockpit, 2d panel, personalized and real sounds. Includes with two repaints Delta and check-list & specifications in wordpad format. No FMC, you must fly with GPS. Thanks to Mitsushi Yutaka for the excellent model.

The McDonnell Douglas MD-80 is a U.S. airliner that was made ​​by the aircraft manufacturer McDonnell Douglas. And then it developed a marketing trend, the MD-90. Having bought McDonnell Douglas in 1997, Boeing is changing the device, as the Boeing 717.

Delta Air Lines is an American airline based in Atlanta, operating on scheduled flights in the United States and around the world.

Author Mitsushi Yutaka, repaints sa Esteban Browning
Size 58.8 MB
Downloads 47 693
Gilalang 09-02-2014 01: 00: 00
Nakapausab 30-05-2015 19: 30: 19
License freeware sa gawas
Auto-instalar: installer version 2
3D birtuwal Cockpit sa
compatible DirectX10
Add-sa compatible uban sa FSX & FSX-Kabisog & Prepar3D v1 (v2 & 3 sa pagsulay)

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