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Soko J-20 Kraguj FSX-SP2

Kay ang FS2004 compatible bersyon click dinhi

Light COIN Aircraft developed by SOKO during 1960's. While cheap and easy to operate and maintain, jet were deemed to be far more useful, and production stopped after about 50 planes. Several Kraguj's (Swallow) have made their way to the civil register in recent years.

Beautiful virtual cockpit, model is native FSX Acceleration
Three repaints : Yugoslav Air ForceYugoslav Air Force, Civil "Flying Tiger AVG Warbird" Scheme US Civil Register, Croatian Armed Forces, Captured form Yugo Forces, USAAF Warbird" Scheme, US Civil Register.

Author Tim baktin Conrad - Kaugalingon nga ayroplano ni baktin
Size 4.70 MB
Downloads 3 301
Gilalang 29-02-2012 17: 09: 10
Nakapausab 25-09-2013 18: 48: 39
License freeware sa gawas
3D birtuwal Cockpit sa
compatible DirectX10
Add-sa FSX Acceleration o SP2 & FSX-Kabisog

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