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North American F-86 EF Sabre FSX


Kay ang FS2004 compatible nga bersyon click dinhi

Here is the North American F-86 E / F SABRE + SP1 updated for FSX. An airplane with a full 3D cockpit and photo-realistic textures, sounds are incredible and the model is very high quality. This add-on could easily be a payware, but it's freeware for our happiness ! It is a marvel! A rarity these days ... Thanks to SectionF8 for their kind cooperation. Included in this file a special package of 9 additional textures.

PASIDAAN: Kamo kinahanglan gayud nga sa pagbasa sa naglakip sa manwal alang sa pagsabot sa ninglihok sa niini nga device lakip na ang realistiko gear landing.

This add-on was originally designed for FS2004 and then adapted for FSX, some functions have been deliberately disabled to maintain an adequate level of FPS (Frames Per Second) as the effects of smoke.

Tan-awa ang may kalabutan sa kaparrasan video:

Size 39.04 MB
Downloads 22 814
Gilalang 30-03-2010 02: 00: 00
Nakapausab 12-07-2012 03: 44: 09
License freeware sa gawas
3D birtuwal Cockpit sa
Port-Kapin sa FS2004 (walay DXT10)
Add-sa compatible uban sa FSX & FSX-Kabisog

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