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Britten-Norman BN2A Mc lll-2 Trislander FSX

Kay ang FS2004 compatible nga bersyon click dinhi
Complete package, nice and easy plane to fly not using much resource graph (frame rate friendly) perfect for transporting your passengers from island to island. In 18 seats. Includes three repaints. This aircraft was produced in the 70s until 1980.

Size 4.16 MB
Downloads 7 392
Gilalang 03-09-2010 19: 06: 04
Nakapausab 12-07-2012 18: 33: 44
License freeware sa gawas
3D birtuwal Cockpit sa
Port-Kapin sa FS2004 (walay DXT10)
Add-sa compatible uban sa FSX & FSX-Kabisog

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