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+3D Virtual Cockpit
License Freeware external
For the FSX compatible variant click herePress "L" to activate afteburner effect. The 2D cockpit is more complete than the virtual cockpit The North American XB-70 Valkyrie was a prototype supersonic bomber of the U.S. late 1950. It is designed by North American. Only two copies were built, one o...
For FS2004
Massimo Altieri, update by Bob Chicilo
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+3D Virtual Cockpit
License Freeware external
Here are three imaginary planes. Very nice to fly for those who like this type of aircraft. Extremely fast speed ! Have fun ! Models: Greyshade GSH-01 seen in the movie Attack of the Clones Star Wars. Death Gliders Goa'uld seen in the Stargate series. Gerry Anderson's "Supercar" Supercar of the T...
For FS2004
Death Glider, Stargates, Piglet Conrad
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2D Panel Only
Installer version 2
License Freeware external
CF-220 Grizzly (version 4, revised 2013) for FS2004. Fighter aircraft ultra high tech optimized for air superiority role. created by Brian Sturton (Concept Aircraft). It is a fictional airplane, however, it is superb. Beautiful VC, model with several effects, perfect sounds. This add-on must be p...
For FS2004
Brian Sturton