Created 29-11-2012 15:10:51
Changed 14-08-2013 03:55:21
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License Freeware external
If you have FSX SP2 or Acceleration installed, you may have solid windows when in the virtual cockpit when it is raining with many addon aircraft. This update repairs FSX so that you can have transparent windows again.Exemple : The solution is to download this small free tool VC RAIN FIX by Flight1
FSX Acceleration or SP2 & FSX-Steam
Created 28-01-2011 19:32:12
Changed 28-01-2011 20:11:04
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Replaces the 15 textures of the moon through high definition textures that make a real improvement in terms of realism. it is now possible to use 1024x1024 resolution textures instead of 512x512. This means a plus of 1600% in terms of resolution compared to the original resolution 64x64. During i...
compatible with FSX & FSX-Steam
Marco Fischbach
Created 26-12-2010 20:52:13
Changed 27-12-2010 23:14:03
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License Freeware external
This is a modification of roads and highways of Flight Simulator X, this add-on will replace your textures by new enhanced textures high definition (7 cm or 15 cm resolution of your choice) and your roads will be more realistic.During uninstallation, the installer will restore your original files...
compatible with FSX & FSX-Steam
Created 17-12-2010 03:01:30
Changed 22-01-2017 23:53:53
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License Freeware external
Here is a modification of parking textures in high definition, it adds spots of oil and gasoline on the floor and generally makes the airports ground more realistic.HD textures replace your original texture during installation. During uninstallation the installer will restore your original files,...
compatible with FSX & FSX-Steam & Prepar3D v1 v2 v3