Dassault Mirage 5 et 5 Modernized Package FS2004   

Author Models, panel, textures, gauges, Eduardo Fadul xml effects Rob Barendregt HUD Scott Printz. Radar, Eric Marciano
Size 26.3 MB
Downloads 16 181
Created 02-04-2008 18:34:25
Changed 14-09-2012 17:30:49
License Freeware external
   For FS2004          +3D Virtual Cockpit

The Mirage 5 is a French fighter best known in the world. Here the main pack of the new Mirage (Ducks, Refueling Probe). All models have their animations such as flaps, spoilers, cockpit, etc..

The VC is as close as possible to the Mirage 5COAM. Photorealism, panel, gauges, alarm panel, radar, HUD, clickable VC, real sounds from a true SNECMA Ata various effects.

This pack comes with 14 original models, as well as the Mirage 5M (Modernized), with Mk-82 bombs, and Python III AAM Griffon, etc.., As well as three textures and some of the Colombian Air Force.


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