De Havilland DHC5 Buffalo Forces Canadiennes FSX

Size 16.2 MB
Downloads 13 806
Created 28-01-2009 06:29:28
Changed 11-07-2012 13:37:35
License Freeware external
3D Virtual Cockpit
Port-Over FS2004 (no DXT10)
Add-on compatible with FSX & FSX-Steam

This powerful twin turboprop is used as both a carrier and aircraft search and rescue. The rear ramp opens to air drop position and ground.
Function loading / unloading.
Complete package for FSX, panel, VC and custom sounds. Complete model flight animation, including animation crew.

Compatible with Acceleration/SP2.

An add-on "frame rate friendly", that is to say, perfect for small graphics configurations, because everyone knows that FSX is (too) applicant.
Capable of performing multiple tasks as mentioned above, this aircraft will fit in your shed.