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Noratlas Nord 2501 FSX & P3D

Version + update 1 & 2 + fix

Author Projet Noratlas (Jean-Francois Martin and Gilbert Millas)
Size 163 MB Created 14-09-2015 02:48:00 3D Virtual Cockpit Auto-install : Installer version 8
Downloads 5 483 Views 21 156 Changed 15-09-2015 01:00:42 Compatible DirectX10 License Freeware external
Add-on compatible with FSX & FSX-Steam & Prepar3D v1 v2 v3

Finally here it is, the highly awaited French aircraft North 2501 produced by Nord Aviation. This high quality add-on for FSX or P3D was created by Project Noratlas, a French team of Jean-Francois and Martin Gilbert Millas, the comprehensive manual is also in French. This pack includes 4 models and 11 repaints including 2501 North 27, No. 18, No. 105, No. 105-LTG + 09 62_53, Tonkin 1954, AND 1/64 Béarn, North HAF, Montana DNRC N7549F, Air America , 50 years, LTG GA 61 + 120.

Includes virtual cockpit (VC) + very detailed cabin modeled in 3D, 2D panel, custom sounds, 3D gauges, beautiful night textures, animations, smoke, effects, procedures etc.

North 2501 Noratlas commonly called, is a French military transport plane. It is a twin-engine high-wing twin boom, produced by Nord Aviation in the late 1940s built a little more than 400 copies, some intended for civil transport of passengers, it was used by ten countries until the late 1990s.

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Author Projet Noratlas (Jean-Francois Martin and Gilbert Millas)