Dassault Mirage F.1CG Hellenic Air Force FSX

Size 21.1 MB
Downloads 19 588
Created 03-02-2009 21:47:50
Changed 09-08-2012 19:57:38
License Freeware external
3D Virtual Cockpit
Port-Over FS2004 (no DXT10)
Add-on compatible with FSX & FSX-Steam

In this package, you can fly in command of the famous Mirage F.1CG FSX.
4 repaints: Aegean Blue and Aegean Ghost two more editions of the 334th birthday Talos and 342th Sparti squadrons. For this add-on, the authors used the wonderful Mirage from Kirk Olsson.

Features: 2D panel, Virtual Cockpit, sounds, sonic boom effect, and many goodies. In addition, the flight dynamics has been reworked.

Graphically high quality.