Chios Island LGHI Photoral FSX & P3D   

Author Dimitris Ntaskas, Yiannis Dermitzakis, The Hellas Scenery Team
Size 452MB
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Created 02-03-2017 18:34:00
Changed 03-03-2017 14:57:35
License Freeware external
Auto-install : Installer version 10
   For FSX & Steam Edition & P3D v1 v2 v3 v4          

Photo-real scenery of the island of Chios in Greece, the island is only 8 kilometers from the Turkish coast, its main income is tourism. This scenery is a superb addition to your flight simulator, take off from Chios Airport "LGHI" for regional or international flights.

The scenery includes photo-realistic textures covering the entire island, a mesh (elevation data) of the whole of Greece in resolution LOD9 (76m) and a precise redefinition of the Greek coasts and part of Turkey.

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