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  • North American T-39 Sabreliner FS2004    License: Freeware   Size: 12.5 MB
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The add-on that you are about to download has in most case not been made by Rikoooo. So it is protected by copyrights laws. Rikoooo has simplified its installation by using some scripts. This does not constitutes an intellectual property right over the files. Please respect the copyrights related to this download. Read the "Readme" text in the folder of the add-on once it is installed or go to “startup” > “programs” > “Rikoooo Add-ons” > “Add-on name.

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The installation is called "clean" because it follows each of the installation steps provided by the authors, however, Rikoooo cannot be held in any way responsible if any damage was caused to your computer.

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