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Piasecki H-21C Fying Banano FSX


Ĝisdatigita 15 / 02 / 2012

The H-21C, also known as the Shawnee, Workhorse, and Flying Banana, was built by Piasecki Helicopter Corporation in the early 50's. It is a transport helicopter (20 passengers and 2 crew) as well as rescue and assault. The H-21C was used mainly by the Air Force, the Air Force West German, the French Navy and the Royal Canadian Air Force. Those who worked with liked or hated him: there was no middle ground.

Two versions are available in this pack: The Piasecki H-21C and the Vertol V-44 equipped with floats

Comes with 7 textures, complete helicopter.

Aŭtoro Mick Posch
Grandeco 21,4 MB
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Kreita 09-08-2007 02: 00: 00
Ŝanĝita 12-07-2012 18: 52: 02
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