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Luscombe 8A Silvaire - Klasika Flugiloj FSX

The Luscombe Model 8 was one of those classics in aviation that was recognized for its nice lines, good performance, and excellent flying characteristics from its inception 1n 1938. A two-place side-by-side aeroplane, the Model 8A was re-marketed shortly after World War II with the intention of fulfilling the “aeroplane-in-every-garage” ideal for small aviation cruise trips and remember the good times. Notice to collectors.

This aircraft has all the usual animations, dynamic shine, custom virtual cockpit and clickable, custom sounds and many other surprises...
Model converted to native FSX with permission of Lynn & Bill Lyons

Grandeco 9.3 MB
Elŝutoj 3 412
Kreita 30-03-2012 18: 48: 09
Ŝanĝita 11-07-2012 12: 46: 56
permesilo freeware ekstera
3D Virtuala Cockpit
kongrua DirectX10
Aldoni-sur kongruaj kun FSX SP2 & FSX-Vaporo

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