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Mitsubishi T-2 FSX SP2 & P3D

Japanese first supersonic aircraft, this virtual model is offered by our dear Tim Conrad.
Plane very sensitive but perfectly manageable, the model is similar to the French Jaguar. Full 3D VC and clickable, HD textures with realistic reflections, included with two repaints and custom sounds.

You must give it a try.

The Mitsubishi T-2 is a jet trainer aircraft designed and manufactured by Japan. It is clearly inspired SEPECAT Jaguar and is also equipped with the same engine (the Adour Rolls-Royce/Turbomeca built under license). The T-2 was built 90 copies commissioned in 1975, and drifted attack aircraft later designated Mitsubishi F-1.

Egilea Tim Txerri Conrad - Piglets bitxi Planes
Tamaina 10.8 MB
Downloads 8 469
Sortua 31 05--2012 23: 42: 11
Aldatuta 02 09--2013 15: 37: 53
Lizentzia Freeware kanpoko
Auto-instalatzeko: Installer bertsioa 2
VC 3D cockpit birtuala
DirectX10 Compatible DirectX10
Gehigarriaren bateragarria FSX-SP2 & FSX-Lurrun & Prepar3D v1 batera (v2 & 3 probatzeko)

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