My Jumbo subscription is activated, but my download speed is still limited

- First, check that the statut « Jumbo OK » is placed in the connexion module, as shown in the screenshot below :

jumbo ok en

If you see « - Statut : No Jumbo », that means your Jumbo subscription isn’t activated. Try to reconnect to your account, using the « Log out » button. It should activate your Jumbo subscription.

- If you can see the statut « Jumbo OK », but your download speed isn’t higher than 220ko/s, then check that your bandwidth isn’t blocked by other programs trying to download in the same time. You should also check that your Internet connexion allows you to do high-speed downloads. It can be necessary to do a test with an other computer with an other Internet connexion to check that the problem doesn’t come from your computer.

- Note that every downloads started before the activation of your Jumbo subscription is limited to the standard download speed, so you should stop every of these download and start them again using your account so that the high-speed download can be used.

- In order to boost you download speed to the maximum, we advise you to download and install FlashGet, which is a free program allowing you to multiply your download speed up to 10 times. You can find it here :
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