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[FSX] EMB145/135 posky gauges

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EMB145/135 posky gauges

Message non lupar ikarus2012 » 29 Déc 2012, 10:25

Hallo to everybody,

I have a gauges problem with the beautiful planes EMB135/145 Posky. The selfinstaller does apparently not insert the gauges in the panel. The README regarding panel I do not understand:


1. Move the gauges folder to your Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X folder.

2. Place the panel folder into your aircraft's mail folder. (ie: osERJ-145LR_Dal_N842MJ) and overwrite any other panel
files/folders listed.
a) (1.) Move the gauges where? (they are already in the gauges folder but do not show in the panel)
b) (2.) aircraft "mail" folder?? what is a aircraft mail folder? should it read "main"? but the panel is already there
c) (2.) where is the "osERJ-145LR_Dal_N842MJ" file? I cannot see it.

Thanks a lot for the hints tips and best regards

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Re: EMB145/135 posky gauges

Message non lupar eyeinthesky » 01 Jan 2013, 21:41

same problem here excellent aircraft no gauges (MFD) in vc
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