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Seebird Seeker

Message non lupar finn » 04 Mai 2012, 14:24

Bonjour, je viens de mettre en route cet appareil; mais il m'est impossible de décoller, l'appareil devenant vite incontrôlable, quelle est l'astuce car je trouve cet ULM très joli et c'est dommage de ne pas l'utiliser.
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Re: Seebird Seeker

Message non lupar rikoooo » 04 Mai 2012, 16:21

Bonjour Finn,

La première chose c'est lire le manuel "Seeker SB7L 360 Manual FSX.pdf" : Faire Menu Démarrer - Tous les programmes - Rikoooo Add-on - Seabird Seeker SB7L-360A Serie 2 FSX - Documentation. C'est en anglais, si on est pas familier avec cette langue faire traduire le manuel avec Google Translate (gratuit et instantanée)

D'après le manuel :

Check park brake is applied.
Fuel valve open
Mixture 100% (% of control setting not air/fuel ratio)
Fuel boost pump on
Battery master on
Alternator on
Left and right magneto on
Push start button
Allow warm up for several minutes
Fuel boost pump off
Increase throttle settings to approximately 10%
Check that low fuel and oil pressure warning lights extinguish
Run engine up to approximately 80% and test for satisfactory magneto operation by
switching off each magneto in turn. If power drops by about 5% when each
magneto is off they are functioning satisfactorily.
Return to idle until take-off is commenced

Set taxispeed control to suitable maximum taxi speed. Because of the high mounted
engine, the SB7L has a relatively high centre of gravity, so watch those sharp turns.
For taxiing in tight turns speed should not exceed 10kts, straight line taxiing can be
performed at speeds up to 25-30kts. As different taxi requirements are reached the
speed setting can be easily adjusted on the taxispeed control gauge.
Although the SB7L is fitted with a steerable tailwheel, steering can be difficult at low
speeds, so differential braking should be used for steering at taxispeeds, and during
the initial take-off run prior to tailwheel lift-off and rudder becoming effective.

TAKE-OFF (décollage)
The following procedure will allow for take-off performance close to that detailed in
the Seeker performance characteristics as detailed in the Seeker Specifications
Set flaps to 10º
Set take-off trim (8º)
Release parking brake
Ensure mixture at 100% and open throttle steadily to 100%
Aircraft will rotate to take-off pitch at approximately 35-40kts
Allow aircraft to lift itself off at approximately 68kts (a small amount of assistance by
the use of elevators may be required depending on actual take-off weight)


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