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FSX HD Moon Texture Replacement v2.0


Replaces the 15 textures of the moon through high definition textures that make a real improvement in terms of realism.

it is now possible to use 1024x1024 resolution textures instead of 512x512. This means a plus of 1600% in terms of resolution compared to the original resolution 64x64.

During installation, the program will ask you to install either the textures of 1024x1024 resolution (better quality) or of 512x512 (best performance).

The installation is 100% automatised. The program will restore your original files during uninstall.


Auteur Marco Fischbach
Grutte 6.30 MB
Downloads 13 882
Created 28-01-2011 19: 32: 12
Feroare 28-01-2011 20: 11: 04
Fergunning Freeware ekstern
Add-on kompatibel mei FSX & FSX-Steam

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