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Airbus A340-300 Olympyske Airlines FSX


Fight Simulator X version. It is a very well done model by Project OpenSky very serious team. This add-on is amazing quality ... Includes sounds, a full virtual cockpit and panel with many buttons and Olympic Airlines livery. Must give a try !

Olympic Airlines (IATA: OA ICAO code: OAL) was the Greek national airline. Matching its platform was located at the international airport of Athens. Founded April 6, 1957, she ceased all its operations September 29, 2009 to become Olympic Air.

Author Auteur(s) : Model: Project Opensky Panel & Gauges: Ken Mitchell Sounds: André Silva Modified Panel for the FSX: Panagiotis Delizisis Textures: Thanasis Delizisis & Panagiotis Delizisis Reworked Flight Dynamics: Panagiotis Delizisis
Grutte 41 MB
Downloads 40 998
Created 15-01-2008 21: 12: 45
Feroare 01-10-2015 15: 39: 44
Fergunning Freeware ekstern
2D Panel Allinne
Port-Over FS2004 (gjin DXT10)
Add-on kompatibel mei FSX & FSX-Steam

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