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PA Airbus A318-112 CJ Elite Saudi RCA FSX


Airbus A318-112 CJ Elite de "Saudi Red Crescent Authority" SRCA provides emergency medical services "medevac" in five administrative regions of Saudi Arabia in ordinary circumstances or at the time of disasters. The SRCA provides a service according to the instructions of Islamic morality.
It was founded in 1963.

This model includes high-quality custom sounds, virtual cockpit from default FSX VC and realistic flight model.

Grutte 15.5 MB
Downloads 15 770
Created 28-04-2011 23: 12: 13
Feroare 06-06-2012 18: 58: 22
Fergunning Freeware ekstern
3D Virtual Cockpit
compatible DirectX10
Add-on kompatibel mei FSX & FSX-Steam

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