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AlphaSim C-130 Hercules v1.1 FSX & P3D


ALPHA C-130 Hercules, complete aircraft.

ALPHA Simulation C-130 Hercules originally designed for FS2004 has been reworked for FSX/P3D with new sounds, new VC only flight deck, multiple pop up windows, new air file, new flight dynamics, new air configuration, thumbnails, adjustable cargo and fuel weights, new gauges, exhaust effects, all textures converted to DDS format, new camera views, window icons placed within the VC.

Issues: The Aces team that programmed FSX did not activate the Concorde visor keys so the loading ramp will not work, this aircraft is a FS2004 model light bloom must be turned off before flying.

Tamaño 40.7 MB
Descargas 37 062
Creado 19-06-2014 02: 00: 00
Cambiou 30-05-2015 18: 31: 21
licenza freeware externo
Auto-instalación: Instalador versión 2
3D Cockpit Virtual
Porta-Over FS2004 (sen DXT10)
Add-on compatible con FSX-SP2 & FSX-vapor & Prepar3D v1 (v2 & 3 para probar)

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