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Aerospace Fletcher FU24 950 Series


Available for FSX and FS2004. Choose from installer.

An excellent add-on, very good, result of a very good job, we feel like flying a real aircraft.

The Fletcher was the first aircraft to be designed specifically for agricultural spraying operations in New Zealand (do not hesitate to do so in the beautiful French countryside!). This plane can fly at very low altitude. Why? Because you can fly to 40 knots before answering, all flaps. To give you an idea, a specialist in this field, the Piper J3-CUB, managed to maintain about 35 knots. The add-on includes a virtual cockpit fully animated and highly detailed, with realistic gauges and fluid. The modeling of the aircraft and its animations are just perfect! The dress, meanwhile, comes in three variants. The excellent maneuverability of this aircraft will make a perfect companion for exploring the area under Flight Simulator X.

FS2004: Only a few features are present. It's really sober at sober. The radio-telecommunication (COMM1) is on the left side pilot seat. The lights turn on and off normally. GPS is unfortunately absent. Well, the plane fly so low that the pilot in New Zealand can read road signs ! Or he knows the region well. Like you, I suppose?

Download it to learn flying low and get great pleasure!

Little word of advice: it is unnecessary to raise the landing gear!

Manufacturer: Aerospace

Have a nice flight !

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