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FSND सेसना C310Q FSX


असाधारण इरादा डिवाइस महान यथार्थवाद के साथ आभासी कॉकपिट मोड में भेजा जा सकता है।

The Cessna 310 was built over 5400 copies during the 27 years of its production. The Cessna 310 was marketed in its original version in 1954 (first flight Jan. 3, 1953) to meet the competition of Beechcraft Baron and Piper Aztec and others. He then moved through more than fifteen versions. Cruising speed 360 km / h, max payload 861 kg, 783 liters fuel tanks with optional wing tip, Consumer hourly average of 122 liters

Read "MUST_READ.rtf" file that comes with it, important instructions and steering maneuvers are required.

आकार 10.2 एमबी
डाउनलोड 16 335
बनाया गया 16-09-2009 02: 00: 00
बदल 14-07-2013 07: 05: 35
लाइसेंस फ्रीवेयर बाहरी
3D आभासी कॉकपिट
संगत DirectX10
ऐड-ऑन FSX और FSX-भाप के साथ संगत

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