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Fouga Zephyr Rizgari v2.0 Acceleration


The Fouga Zephyr comes in two configurations:
- A "solo" configuration ( single-pilot positioned on front seat )
- A dual control "DC" configuration with two pilots on board. This version is particularly adapted to use with "Shared Cockpit" option of FSX.

Several differences between the real plane and these models were introduced to make its use easier for the virtual pilot:
- the nose gearwheel is steerable while the real Fouga was steered on ground with brakes
- a GPS, a VOR/DME, a TACAN and an automatic pilot are introduced in both models
- Çend roniyên temamker ya bi ser panel danîn ji bo pêşdebirin û balafiran nîgaşî (kêşan, gear bi daxistinan, airbrakes)

WARNING ! This version 2 has been developed for FSXAcceleration. It is not compatible with Flight Simulator 2004 (FS9). Its compatibility with an other version of FSX( SP1 - SP2 ) is not assured.

It is imperative to read the manuals included with this package including the one that teaches you how to land on a carrier ship (very informative)

Here is a short video introduction by Amentiba

Not as famous as his "grand-brother", the Fouga Magister aircraft, the Fouga Zephyr is the naval version of the Fouga. At the beginning of the fifties, the French Navy Authorities, searching a national way for training their pilots, were very interested by the Fouga program in progress for the French Air Force. An adapted version to the Navy specifications was built and on 1956 july 31, the first Fouga CM170M prototype, named "Esquif", made its first flight. A purchase of 30 aircrafts was notified and the delivery was spaced between 1959 and 1961. This was the single purchase order of this aircraft version renamed CM175 "Zephyr" in accordance with other French Navy aircrafts at this time ( Aquilon, Alize) using winds' names. Moreover the Fouga Zephyr was used by the French Navy, mainly with the Foch and the Clemenceau carriers. During more than thirty years, the Zephyr has shown its reliability and robustness qualities under severe use conditions.
An aerobatic team flying Zephyr was created in 1961 by the French Navy


taybetiya giştî:

taybet ên xi daxilê 110 ° dûvikê butterfly nabêje
Wingspan: 12,15m
Length: 10,20m
Height: 2,90m

Seemingly very similar to the Fouga Magister aircraft, the Zephyr is however characterized by important transformations.

- Takviye ql
- Gear bi daxistinan teqwiyekirin û di nav wan de wezîfeyeke taybetî ji bo "ser-nepixandin" poz şokê gear absorber
- Dişemite vizikan ji iznê kiriyarên catapult û bi daxistinan bi vizikan vekirin
- Hook dûvikê û cîhazên ji bo ku nobedariya di dema kiriyarên catapult de
- Rengę nîşana êrîşeke (BIP) ji bo kontrol bi daxistinan carrier rasteqîne

The Fouga Zephyr du motorên Marbore II

Maximum girseyî ji bo belafirên kg 3450
Maximum paşę (asta deryayê) 400 Dan (x2)
Maximum RPM 22600 çerx


Size 31.26 MB
Downloads 11 136
Tên afirandin 31-01-2011 21: 32: 10
Guherî 06-06-2012 18: 08: 36
Îcaze Freeware xûkirînî
3D Cockpit Virtual
compatible DirectX10
Add-on lihevhatî bi Rizgari Acceleration & Rizgari-Steam

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