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PWDT Zlin Z-142 Rizgari & P3D

A very nice quality product that was offered by Pannon Wings Team Design, a native model for FSX and P3D v2.3 +. Includes a detailed virtual cockpit, sounds from real Zlin, flight model very accurate tested by real pilots and instructors. Also includes custom and 3D gauges. The external model contains 85,129 polygons. This pack contains 9 paints shemes.

The Zlin Z 42 is a single-engine two-seat Czechoslovakian trainer aircraft manufactured by Moravan Otrokovice. A developed version, the Z 142, is the most popular aircraft variant in the manufacturer's aircraft line.

Size 30 MB
Downloads 6 206
Tên afirandin 29-11-2014 01: 00: 00
Guherî 27-05-2016 20: 42: 56
Îcaze Freeware xûkirînî
Auto-sazkirina: Installer Versiyon ji 2
3D Cockpit Virtual
compatible DirectX10
Add-on lihevhatî bi Rizgari & Rizgari-Steam & Prepar3D v1 v2 v3

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