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Alert Virus = False positive

Some members of rikoooo have reported the presence of a Trojan (virus) "Dropper.Gen" in our files for download.

This appears in the following way: You click the button "download" a new window opens with your download, just at this very moment your antivirus react and alert about Dropper.Gen before it started downloading!


In fact, it's impossible for your antivirus to say "hey dude ! i found a virus in a file that has not been yet downloaded" Why ? Because antivirus can not scan a file which is not yet on your computer. It's like saying that spinach is thawed before having tasted ;o)

In short, we conducted a long investigation into the matter, checked and scanned all the files on the site several times with different anti-virus and we have not found any thing !

We therefore call this a "false positive" (see for more information) in another term, your anti-virus makes a mistake he believes recognize a signature! That happens sometimes ...

Allways keep your anti-virus software updated! The problem can sometimes fix itself after an update.

Use a performant antivirus and not a free one or reduced.

For my part I would suggest BitDefender Internet Security.

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