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Convair 580 FSX

The Convair CV-580 was a conversion from Convair CV-340 or CV-440 aircraft with two Allison 501 D13D/H turboprop engines in place of the piston engines, an enlarged vertical fin and modified horizontal stabilizers. The conversions were performed by Pacific Airmotive on behalf of the Allison Engine Company.

A Native FSX model of the Convair 580. Hi-resolution textures. Fully functional VC adapted from the Convair 240 VC. Realistic flight-dynamics and operations. Full animation includes the self-storing stairway. Autor : "I tried to capture the spirit of the ornery, old, turbo-prop." Three liveries including vintage, North Central Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and modern cargo contractor, DHL.

Author Brett Henderson, Alejandro Rojas Lucena
आकार 66.4 MB
डाउनलोड 9 333
तयार 01-12-2009 01: 24: 53
बदलले 27-08-2012 03: 11: 30
परवाना freeware बाह्य
कुलगुरू 3D व्हर्च्युअल कॉकपीट
DirectX10 सुसंगत DirectX10
अॅड-ऑन FSX SP2 आणि FSX-स्टीम सुसंगत

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