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Enstrom 280FX FSX

For the first time in the history of Microsoft Flight Simulator, a developer has created and released an Enstrom helicopter add-on. Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations (according with Rikoooo) is proud to be the first developer to give the flight simulation community a high quality Enstrom 280FX for FSX Acceleration. Features include FSX native models with animations, specular and normal mapping, custom avionics and much more. Tested in Windows Vista and Windows 7 under DX9/DX10 with no issues.

The Enstrom F-28 and 280 are a family of small, light piston-engined helicopters produced by the Enstrom Helicopter Corporation.

Please read the manual included.

आकार 50.1 MB
डाउनलोड 8 695
तयार 29-11-2011 19: 16: 55
बदलले 12-07-2012 18: 41: 13
परवाना freeware बाह्य
3D व्हर्च्युअल कॉकपीट
सुसंगत DirectX10
अॅड-ऑन FSX प्रवेगक किंवा SP2 आणि FSX-स्टीम

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