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वेगवान Air Berlin FSX आणि P3D


Here is one of the best downloadable fleets on Rikoooo, Discover aircraft of Air Berlin, fly with seven models that make up the fleet in 2016. To provide you with an experience of realism we have gathered together in a single pack the best freeware of the moment. We have also included an FMC, new gauges, GPWS, V speed, engine sounds, corrections and countless improvements, auto-land gauge, HUD, 2D panel creations, multiple repaints Air Berlin. A huge thanks to the various creators of freeware, the long list is in the pack.

You will be able to pilot the Airbus A319-112, A320-214 and the A321-211 Sharklets without VC and the A330-200. Also Boeing B737-700 and B737-800 and finally the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 (No VC).


थंब fsx 2016-11-05 22-44-39-29थंब fsx 2016-11-05 22-45-59-59थंब fsx 2016-11-05 22-47-34-31थंब fsx 2016-11-05 22-47-53-42थंब fsx 2016-11-05 22-50-58-06थंब fsx 2016-11-05 22-52-36-12थंब fsx 2016-11-05 22-53-55-76थंब fsx 2016-11-05 22-55-26-91थंब fsx 2016-11-05 22-56-49-37थंब fsx 2016-11-05 22-57-59-91थंब fsx 2016-11-05 22-59-59-49थंब fsx 2016-11-05 23-02-13-48थंब fsx 2016-11-05 23-04-14-57थंब fsx 2016-11-05 23-05-47-30थंब fsx 2016-11-05 23-07-40-45थंब fsx 2016-11-05 23-09-35-00थंब fsx 2016-11-05 23-12-23-08थंब fsx 2016-11-05 23-13-36-80थंब fsx 2016-11-05 23-14-28-41

संकुल मध्ये लेखक आणि सर्व कागदपत्रांनिशी लेखक पूर्ण यादी
आकार 407 MB
डाउनलोड 10 167
तयार 06-11-2016 11: 40: 00
बदलले 06-11-2016 02: 09: 03
परवाना freeware बाह्य
ऑटो-install: इंस्टॉलर आवृत्ती 10
आणि कुलगुरू न करता
चाचणी नाही DirectX10
अॅड-ऑन FSX आणि FSX-स्टीम आणि Prepar3D v1 v2 v3 सुसंगत

जाहिराती / पब