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Edgley Optica FSX & P3D


Native add-on for FSX/P3D of good quality and actually quite original, flawless 3D modeling.

The Optica, designed by John Edgley and built by Brooklands Aerospace, had an unusual configuration with a fully glazed forward cabin seating three across, reminiscent of an Alouette helicopter. Behind it was situated a Lycoming flat-six engine powering a ducted fan, twin boom cantilever tailplane with twin rudders and a high-mounted single elevator. The fixed tricycle undercarriage had the nosewheel offset to the left. The wings were unswept and untapered, and the aircraft was of a fairly standard all-metal construction with stressed aluminium skin. The aircraft's distinctive appearance led to it being known as the "bug-eye" in some popular reports.

Crew: One pilot
Capacity: 2 passengers
Length: 8.15 m (26 ft 9 in)
Wingspan: 12.0 m (39 ft 4 in)
Height: 2.31 m (7 ft 7 in)
Wing area: 15.8 m² (171 ft²)
Airfoil: NASA GA(W)-1
Empty weight: 948 kg (2,090 lb)
Useful load: 367 kg (810 lb)
Max. takeoff weight: 1,315 kg (2,900 lb)
Powerplant: 1 × Textron Lycoming IO-540-V4A5D flat six piston engine,
194 kW (200 hp)
Propellers: five bladed ducted fan propeller, 1 per engine

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Kumenya DirectX10
Kuwonjezera pa yogwirizana ndi FSX & FSX-Mpweya wotentha & Prepar3D v1 (v2 & 3 kuyesa)

Malonda / Kumwa