Malonda / Kumwa

Fiat G.18V (V.01) FSX

Dinani apa for the FS2004 compatible version

The Fiat G.18 was an Italian airliner developed in the mid 1930s. Notice to fans of old models before the war, a great achievement with a beautiful virtual cockpit (no 2D panel) control everything from the VC. Includes 3 textures (ALIPre-War/NCALI/Regia Aeronautica). Simple and complete a real pleasure.

Author Manuele Villa
Kukula 12.3 MB
Downloads 7 322
Analenga 04-03-2009 19: 06: 17
Anasintha 11-07-2012 13: 15: 17
License Freeware kunja
3D Pafupifupi Cockpit
Port-Pa FS2004 (palibe DXT10)
Kuwonjezera pa yogwirizana ndi FSX & FSX-Mpweya wotentha

Malonda / Kumwa