Malonda / Kumwa

Curtiss Reid Rambler MK.III FSX & P3D

Full animation, 3D gauges, textures yellow "baked" (in the oven), custom sounds, flight model close to the real. An add-on of the highest quality! Perfect for fans of the old model collection. PDF documentation included with.

The Reid Rambler, later known under the Curtiss-Reid brand after Reid was purchased by Curtiss was a biplane trainer/sport aircraft built in Canada in the early 1930s and used in small numbers as a trainer aircraft by the Royal Canadian Air Force.

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License Freeware kunja
Auto-kukhazikitsa: okhazikitsa Baibulo 2
3D Pafupifupi Cockpit
Kumenya DirectX10
Kuwonjezera pa yogwirizana ndi FSX & FSX-Mpweya wotentha & Prepar3D v1 (v2 & 3 kuyesa)

Malonda / Kumwa