Malonda / Kumwa

Sepecat nyamazi FSX & P3D


This beautiful Jaguar initially made for FS2004 and then converted to work under FSX & P3D was a payware, but became free (freeware) for all to enjoy. Complete add-on with custom gauges, VC, 2d panel, sounds, ref & checklist, animations, special effects.

The SEPECAT Jaguar is a military aircraft Franco-British design with a single-seater is designed to attack ground and the two-seater version for advanced training. Commissioned in 1973, it was built a little over 600 copies used by six countries, including India, which was built under license.

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License Freeware kunja
Auto-kukhazikitsa: okhazikitsa Baibulo 2
3D Pafupifupi Cockpit
Port-Pa FS2004 (palibe DXT10)
Kuwonjezera pa yogwirizana ndi FSX & FSX-Mpweya wotentha & Prepar3D v1 (v2 & 3 kuyesa)

Malonda / Kumwa