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Dassault Falcon 50 FSX & P3D

mhando 1.1

A beautiful Falcon 50 with full documentation in French and English, included 5 repaints, a detailed VC, 2D panel, 3D cabin, custom sounds, animations ground and many other things.

New mune shanduro 1.1

- Battery light fixed in annunciator panel (thanks Don)
- Panel night texture appears only at night
- No-smoking switch enabled (so you can turn it off and Have a cigar...)
- Smoke effect with autosmoke gauge (engine exhaust, not your cigar's...)
- 4 repaints (I wish I was good at repaints...)

The 2D panel is intended for a 16:9 monitor.

The 50 Falcon, built by Dassault Aviation in 1976, is the third business aircraft, and the first tri-jet Falcon family.

Author Model kubudikidza Yannick Lavigne, Fred Banting, Rob Young. Kuwedzererwa kubudikidza Eric Dantes. FSX Panel kutendeuka ne Andre "esmdu" uye Ludovic "vonstroheim". XML gauges kubudikidza Philippe Wallaert uye Don
Size 22 MB
Downloads 7 360
Created 25-04-2016 12: 31: 00
Akachinja 25-04-2016 16: 19: 56
rezinesi Freeware zvekunze
Auto-gadza: Installer VERSION 10
3D Virtual Cockpit
Port-Over FS2004 (pasina DXT10)
Wedzerai-mberi kunoenderana FSX & FSX-Steam & Prepar3D v1 (v2 & 3 kuedza)

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