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Фоуга Зефир ФСКС Убрзање вКСНУМКС


The Fouga Zephyr comes in two configurations:
- A "solo" configuration ( single-pilot positioned on front seat )
- A dual control "DC" configuration with two pilots on board. This version is particularly adapted to use with "Shared Cockpit" option of FSX.

Several differences between the real plane and these models were introduced to make its use easier for the virtual pilot:
- the nose gearwheel is steerable while the real Fouga was steered on ground with brakes
- a GPS, a VOR/DME, a TACAN and an automatic pilot are introduced in both models
- Неколико додатни светла се налазе на табли како би се олакшао виртуелни летења (крилца, стајног трапа, аирбракес)

WARNING ! This version 2 has been developed for FSXAcceleration. It is not compatible with Flight Simulator 2004 (FS9). Its compatibility with an other version of FSX( SP1 - SP2 ) is not assured.

It is imperative to read the manuals included with this package including the one that teaches you how to land on a carrier ship (very informative)

Here is a short video introduction by Amentiba

Not as famous as his "grand-brother", the Fouga Magister aircraft, the Fouga Zephyr is the naval version of the Fouga. At the beginning of the fifties, the French Navy Authorities, searching a national way for training their pilots, were very interested by the Fouga program in progress for the French Air Force. An adapted version to the Navy specifications was built and on 1956 july 31, the first Fouga CM170M prototype, named "Esquif", made its first flight. A purchase of 30 aircrafts was notified and the delivery was spaced between 1959 and 1961. This was the single purchase order of this aircraft version renamed CM175 "Zephyr" in accordance with other French Navy aircrafts at this time ( Aquilon, Alize) using winds' names. Moreover the Fouga Zephyr was used by the French Navy, mainly with the Foch and the Clemenceau carriers. During more than thirty years, the Zephyr has shown its reliability and robustness qualities under severe use conditions.
An aerobatic team flying Zephyr was created in 1961 by the French Navy


Основне карактеристике:

Посебна карактеристика рамом укључује КСНУМКС ° угао лептир репа
Распон крила: КСНУМКСм
Дужина: КСНУМКСм
Висина: КСНУМКСм

Seemingly very similar to the Fouga Magister aircraft, the Zephyr is however characterized by important transformations.

- конструкције појачања
- Ојачана стајног трапа укључујући и специјалне функције за "преко-јастука" нос брзина амортизер
- Клизна надстрешнице да одобри катапулт покретање и слетања са отвореним надстрешница
- Реп кука и уређаји за предају током катапулт лансирања
- Угао индикатор напада (БИП), за контролу прецизно слетање носача

Фоуга Зефир има два Марборе ИИ мотора

Максимална маса на цатапулт КСНУМКС кг
Максимални потисак (ниво мора) КСНУМКС Дан (кКСНУМКС)
Максимални РПМ КСНУМКС мин


лиценца фрееваре спољни
КСНУМКСД Виртуелна Кокпит
компатибилан ДирецтКСКСНУМКС
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