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Spasi shuttle Atlantis FSX-SP2


Nu pesawat ruang angkasa Atlantis (orbital Vehicle-104 Ngeun OV-104) nyaéta hiji rohangan shuttle NASA (American Spasi Agénsi nasional). Manéhna ieu shuttle rohangan mudik operasional kungsi diwangun jeung mangrupa salah sahiji tilu shuttles rohangan pamungkas dina kondisi hiber (jeung Endeavour jeung Papanggihan) sanggeus kacilakaan nyungsi kapal maranéhanana nangtang (1986) jeung Columbia (2003): sumber wikipedia

The model and the texture set have been completely re-engineered . The Flight dynamics have been optimized for FSX SP2/acceleration to restore the sub orbital flight performance..

The speed can reach 4.65 Mach, optimizing your power you can nearly reach the altitude of 700000 ft with the realism parameter set to very realistic you will find it very stable. A DVC have been added as well as a camera view for the bayload window, the robot load arm, the rudder slots, the moving flaps , and the steering front wheel. Many effects are under your control SRH and such bas the animated Solid Rocket Boosters(SRB) and external tank jettison. Compiled with the SDK of FSXA .the launch pad scene is not included but you can easily download it from the web.

Animation keys
Payload bay doors: Maj+E
SRB ejection Maj+E 2
External tank jettison Maj+E 3
Hauling Arm and space module Maj+E 4

For Plane flight pattern open exit 2 and3
For a vertical launch
-Use the ‘SleW’ or Transposition modes (key:Y) .vertical rotation place you space shuttle at the desired launch pad (A downloaded scene with a steady launch pad)
- throttle 20% to 25% thrust
-Exit the ‘Slew’ mode and you are ready for the launch
-gently increase the thrust to full throttle
-As the rocket is safe stable and clear (high) enough) release the SRB and external tank
Please read the attached files for more information.

Here is a small video tutorial that explains you how to make a vertical launch. by filipe026

Author Bruce Fitzgerald

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Animation du bras du robot de charge utile et du module

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