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ICP Саванна Version 3.7 барои FSX

The ICP Savannah is one of the top selling ultralights in Europe. It is dependable and easy to fly. Its STOL performance makes it easy to operate from any airfield. The Savannah is also a very good airplane for cross-country flights during which one can appreciate its great stability.

The package contains two models, one with wheel pants and one without, and two texture sets, Italian and Canadian.
Model has working VC panel and can be flight from Virtual Cockpit only.

Technical and performance data obtained from the official site of the manufacturer: www.ICP.it.

Андоза 6.17 MB
Боргириҳо 4 713
Cохта шуд 31-01-2011 15: 52: 54
Тағйир 06-06-2012 18: 09: 33
Литсензия Freeware берунӣ
3D щафас виртуалии
Port-Беш аз FS2004 (на DXT10)
Иловаи-оид ба мувофиқ бо FSX & FSX-буѓї

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