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Бритониё фазонавардӣ Jetstream 31 / 32 FSX

Барои Варианти мувофиқ FS2004 ин ҷоро ангушт зан

Complete Jetstream 31 and 32 ! For FSX, includes custom sounds, cockpit 3D and 2D and 4 repaints as Sun-Air of Denmark, Eastern Airways (UK), United Express (historical), Royal Navy T3. Read the instructions.

The Jetstream 31 is a small twin-turboprop airliner, with a pressurized fuselage, designed to meet the requirements of the United States regional airline market.
The Jetstream 31, first flew on 28 March 1980,being certificated in the UK on 29 June 1982 several hundred 31s were built during the 1980s. In 1985, a further engine upgrade was planned, which flew in 1988 as the Jetstream Super 31, also known as the Jetstream 32. Production continued until 1993, by which time 386 31/32s had been produced.

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Литсензия Freeware берунӣ
3D щафас виртуалии
Port-Беш аз FS2004 (на DXT10)
Иловаи-оид ба мувофиқ бо FSX & FSX-буѓї

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