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Simhangar RWD-14b FSX & P3D

The Simhangar RWD-14b "Czapla" is a native FSX aircraft, compiled with FSX Acceleration SDK and has bump maps, specular maps and self shadowing., custom sounds, VC and animations. A comprehensive manual is included with the pack (English).

Add-on of excellent quality ! graphics and modeling are awesome. Provides a real pleasure to fly. Made for old model fans.

The RWD-14 Czapla (LWS Czapla) was a Polish army cooperation aircraft (observation, close reconnaissance and liaison aircraft), designed in the mid-1930s by the RWD team, and produced in the LWS factory from 1938. A series of 65 aircraft were built and most were used by the Polish Air Force observation squadrons during World War II in 1939. (Wikipedia)

Андоза 16.2 MB
Боргириҳо 2 992
Cохта шуд 15-12-2012 21: 36: 48
Тағйир 16-12-2012 08: 19: 35
Литсензия Freeware берунӣ
3D щафас виртуалии
мувофиқ DirectX10
Иловаи-оид ба мувофиқ бо FSX-SP2 & FSX-буѓї & Prepar3D v1 (v2 & 3 барои озмудани)

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