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ТҶ Airbus A320-200 EasyJet FSX

Андоза 37.12 MB
Боргириҳо 51 455
Cохта шуд 01-12-2010 00: 23: 13
Тағйир 06-06-2012 19: 00: 03
Литсензия Freeware берунӣ
3D щафас виртуалии
мувофиқ DirectX10
Иловаи-оид ба мувофиқ бо FSX & FSX-буѓї

Airbus A320-200 in the colors of the lowcost airline EasyJet, the virtual cockpit is from the default A321 of FSX, which is 100% functional, however, a few small additions have been made like the sound of buttons "Smoke" and "Seat belt "(thank to babounet), future updates will include the sounds of" Safety announcement etc. "

The engine sounds really correspond to the real Airbus family A320/321/318/319 and are beautefull

About the model, it is perfect and high quality


Садо / майкада

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