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Air New Zealand Paketi FSX & P3D

Super package with 8 airplanes from Air New Zealand, each aircraft has a virtual cockpit (VC) with the exception of the Boeing 767-300 replaced with a 2D panel. Each Airbus is included with remastered HD textures in the virtual cockpit, Boeing 777 have a high performance 2D panel and VC including new gauges with FMC (read the documentation). All aircraft are included with high quality customized sounds. The models are all compatible with Prepard 3D except the gauges from Boeing 777. FSX-Steam compatibility assured.

Warning, this pack is not an entire fleet, the real fleet Air New Zealand has more aircraft.

Air New Zealand and Air New Zealand Limited (IATA: NZ; ICAO: ANZ) is the national airline of New Zealand. She as correspondence platform Auckland International Airport.

Airbus A320-200& Air New Zealand
başparmak 320 thumb 320IAE panel
Airbus A320-200 IAE Air New Zealand
 thumb 320IAE  thumb 320IAE panel
Airbus A340-200 Air New Zealand
 başparmak 340  thumb 340panel
Boeing 747-419 Air New Zealand
 başparmak 747  thumb 747panel
Boeing 767-300 Air New Zealand (no VC)
 başparmak 767  thumb 767panel
Boeing 777-219ER Air New Zealand
 thumb 777 2  thumb 777 2panel
Boeing 777-319ER Air New Zealand AB
 thumb 777 3  thumb 777 3panel
Saab 340B Air New Zealand Link
 thumb SAAB  thumb SAAB panel

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Boyutu 232 MB
Yüklemeler 8 305
Oluşturuldu 22-08-2015 03: 18: 00
Değişti 22-08-2015 03: 19: 31
Lisans SORULAR dış
Otomatik yükleyin: Installer sürüm 8
3D Sanal Kokpit
uyumlu DirectX10
Add-on FSX ve FSX-Steam & Prepar3D v1 v2 v3 ile uyumlu

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