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HD Jetway ve Havaalanı Park FSX & P3D

Değişiklik Installer version 10.1 + compatibility with FSX Steam, Prepar3D v1-2-3

Here is a modification of parking textures in high definition, it adds spots of oil and gasoline on the floor and generally makes the airports ground more realistic.

HD textures replace your original texture during installation. During uninstallation the installer will restore your original files, you have nothing to do everything is automated by Rikoooo !

In order to view the full high definition resolution within FSX (or Prepar3D), you will need to edit your fsx.cfg (Prepar3D.cfg) file and alter the entry:


If the entry doesn't exist, copy the above and paste it under the [GRAPHICS] section in the fsx.cfg file. Example below:


Jetway ve Havaalanı Park

Jetway ve Havaalanı Park

Texture quality will also depend on the ability of your graphics card, the result could be different from one person to another. However, it's advised to use a high performance graphics card for gaming.

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Add-on FSX ve FSX-Steam & Prepar3D v1 v2 v3 ile uyumlu

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