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DeHavilland Даш 7 Рідні FSX і P3D


Service pack for the Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations/Milton Shupe/Sim-Outhouse DeHavilland DHC7 Dash 7 (FSX Native).

This service addresses the missing inner gear doors on all model, fixes the nosegear tire visibility, fixes the right wing spoiler animations, adds a missing texture to the "BAS" livery and adds glass to the VC.
Features : Three models, two Flight Models, 7 liveries, Custom Sounds, Custom Panel and Gauges.

The de Havilland Canada DHC-7, also known as the Dash 7 is a civilian aircraft with four propellers. It is an aircraft short takeoff and landing. It was launched in 1975 by the manufacturer de Havilland Canada and produced until 1988, when Boeing bought the company. 113 copies were built. He had limited success, which encouraged the development of the Dash 8.

In 2011, there are still about 40 aircraft in service on the 113 built. The main companies currently operating dash 7 are: Air Greenland, Pelita Air and Berjaya Air.

Dash-7 C-GNBX -2012-nov-13-002 Medium

Dash-7 C-GNBX -2012-nov-13-009 Medium

Dash-7 C-GNBX -2012-nov-13-011 Medium

Розмір 93.6 MB
Завантаження 17 472
Створено 28-05-2014 02: 00: 00
Змінений 30-05-2015 19: 28: 02
ліцензія Freeware зовнішній
Авто-установка адресами: версія 2
3D Virtual Cockpit
сумісність DirectX10
Надбудова на сумісних з FSX & FSX-Steam & Prepar3D v1 (v2 & 3 для тестування)

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