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Posky Boeing 777-300ER Philippine Airlines FSX


A beautiful Boeing 777-300, with Philippine Airlines repaint, the national airline of the Philippines.
The airline, based in the Philippine National Bank Financial Center in Pasay City, was founded in 1941 and is the company's oldest commercial airline in Asia.

Includes virtual cockpit (the default FSX) complete package.

Here are the international destinations deserved by the company:
Note that it is part of the European blacklist

In Philippines :

Розмір 22.84 MB
Завантаження 56 180
Створено 29-04-2011 00: 56: 45
Змінений 07-06-2012 00: 42: 47
ліцензія Freeware зовнішній
3D Virtual Cockpit
сумісність DirectX10
Надбудова на сумісних з FSX & FSX-Steam

Оголошення / Паб

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