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Shushan Scrofa SS-4P FSX

Four Seat turboprop touring/sport/trainer aircraft. This "what if" design has two paint schemes, custom gauges, and all that other stuff. Paint Kit included. The virtual cockpit is well modeled, and it feels comfortable, this plane is controlled solely from the VC, the canopy is large and can therefore have a broad view of the countryside.

Comes with two textures : US Civil Register, Sus Scrofa Assault Force

To try

SHF e opens left canopy
SHF e 2 opens right canopy.

Muallif Tim Piglet Konrad - piglets o'ziga xos Samolyotlar
Size 10.6 MB
Yuklamalar 7 259
Yaratilgan 29-01-2011 19: 50: 31
O'zgartirildi 12-07-2012 18: 58: 01
Litsenziya Freeware tashqi
3D Virtual Cockpit
Mos keluvchi DirectX10
Qo'shish-on FSX tezlashtirish yoki SP2 & FSX-Buxoriy

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