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Boeing 727-200 với 153 Liveries FSX & P3D & FS2004

changelog Cập nhật ngày 02 / 04 / 2015 : Fixed B727 2D panel that displayed the panel B737, new panel 2D added.

This is the Vista Liners/Erick Cantu FS2004 Boeing 727-200 converted to FSX. This super model is offered with 153 liveries of any kind and from any country, a real treasure ! This mega pack is compatible FS2004 / FSX / FSX-Steam Edition / P3Dv1 / P3Dv2.x. Corrections were made by Rikoooo concerning uniformity of the pack relative to the original, thus, some missing thumbnails have been added and corrections have been made in the Aircraft.cfg file includes new sounds and a 2D panel special Boeing 727. the FS2004 version may differ from the FSX version (different panecl.cfg).

No VC (Virtual Cockpit) can be controled only with 2D panel.The airplane starts engine off, to solve this problem it is necessary to load a different airplane first and then load the 727, otherwise remain pressing CTRL + E.

A special thank to David Grindele for editing this pack.

snap006snap007snap008snap009snap010 snap011snap012snap013snap014snap015snap016


Tác giả VistaLiners, máy bay phản lực Nhóm lịch sử, biên tập bởi David Grindele & Rikoooo
Kích 680 MB
Tải 65 939
Tạo 26-02-2015 01: 00: 00
Thay đổi 31-05-2015 19: 46: 16
Tự động cài đặt: cài đặt phiên bản 8
Chỉ VC 2D Chỉnh
DirectX10 Port-Over FS2004 (không DXT10)
Add-on tương thích với FSX & FSX-Steam & Prepar3D v1 (v2 & 3 để kiểm tra) & FS2004 NÓNG BỨC
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