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Ilyushin Il-86 FSX & FSX Steam

The Ilyushin Il-86 was the first Soviet aircraft widebody line, that is to say having rows of passenger seats separated by two aisles.
This add-on is very detailed and complex, it contains documentation in Russian, however, Ukuhumusha nge-Google can translate your text into 91 languages and should help you to understand the documentation.

The aircraft is offered with three repaints: AFL-DoN, Atlant-Soyuz and Air Force (AIMAC model).

Included unique 3D gauges, real sounds, and more.
Quality payware.

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Umbhali UStepan Gritsevsky, VortexMX, Kirill Konovalov, Serg Popkov. FDE ngu Sergey Dubovitsky
Usayizi 52.7 MB
Play 5 372
Zadalwa 09-09-2015 01: 23: 00
Kushintshwe 09-09-2015 01: 34: 11
License freeware zangaphandle
Auto-ukufaka: Lokufaka version 8
3D Virtual Cockpit
Kuyavumelana DirectX10
Engeza-on iyahambisana FSX SP2 & FSX-Steam

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